North American Headquarters

Alton’s North American operations are headquartered in Batavia, IL, a short drive west from downtown Chicago. The operations focus on customer service, domestic wholesale and dropship programs, e-commerce, local product and marketing programs.

Fully Certified Testing Lab

Housed on our Suzhou campus is a 100k square foot testing facility. Alton is a certified satellite lab for Intertek. By partnering with Intertek we are able to conduct all testing on site and have invested extensively in the most up to date. Alton has capabilities for full quality, performance and lifetime testing for all products we manufacture. Our extensive experience along engineering and quality team can provide our customer.

Automation and Investments

Alton continues to improve our manufacturing capabilities with increased investments in automation, ERP systems and lean manufacturing. By automating our processes, we increase efficinecies, reduce our labor costs, increase quality and throughput. Our new ERP system, more efficiently schedules production runs, track WIP and raw material, and bar codes all production units.

Vertical Integration

Our 1 million square foot facility is broken out into 11 different buildings. Alton’s key value is our vertical integration. This provides quick efficient communication with engineering, QA/QC and manufacturing all in one location. Alton controls its supply chain and tests all components and vendors on a regular basis. Alton designs, develops and manufactures our own motors and pumps for our business. Tank production is located in 2 buildings on site along with powder coating and final assembly.